About us

InterMedia is the freelance business of Liam and Megan McDermott. InterMedia is based in the small town of Elmira, Ontario (near Kitchener/Waterloo), Canada and works for clients in the US, UK, and wherever you are.

The chaps at InterMedia are good at: Web Design, Web Development (using LAMP) and are particularly enamoured with Drupal, which is a stunningly versatile Content Management System (CMS). We can make Drupal do—almost—anything the customer needs, and since Drupal is Free software all the boring work is finished, leaving us to customise a solution for you: the customer.

Don't worry if the technical jargon doesn't mean much, we realise customers have better things to do than understand the ins and outs of Web Development. That's one of the many reasons people hire us. Have a look at our portfolio to see the others.

Aside from normal Web design and development InterMedia specializes in every aspect of Drupal forums, read on for more information on our Drupal forum services.