Eat3D Forums

Eat3D specializes in high quality training videos for 3D artists. These are sold through a Drupal-powered shopping cart site. Prior to work done by InterMedia, a vBulletin forum was bolted on to the shopping cart. This worked, but the forum lacked integration with their shopping cart: customers were unable to see their purchases when surfing the forum and there was no way to mail forum users from inside Drupal. Eat3D quickly reached the limits of their forum software.

‘I won’t miss vBulletin much.’

First InterMedia imported the vBulletin database to the Drupal shopping cart, using our own vBulletin to Drupal module. Then expanded the Eat3D Drupal installation with new modules and theme authoring to include forums, member profiles, private messages, friends and comment walls.

Now Eat3D have tight integration between their forums and the rest of the site, their users are happy, the theme is in one place instead of being spread across two software packages, even the forum thread URL’s are prettier (and contain keywords search engines understand).

Naturally, since we made their forums rock, Eat3D will be using InterMedia in the future too.