Web design

At InterMedia we have over 14 years of experience in website design. We understand good design and its importance for your organization.


We are also adept at working with existing design schemes. This could be a general design scheme for your organization (e.g. logo, colours, etc.), or an existing set of web templates. InterMedia can fill in the gaps by providing everything from a full-scale website design scheme, to individual page designs for new sections of your site.

Examples from our portfolio

Web development

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InterMedia specializes in every aspect of Drupal forums, read on for more information on our Drupal forum services.


Examples from our portfolio

Drupal theming

With an eye for the finest detail, Intermedia can take your PSDs and create high quality, cross-browser Drupal themes. We understand the integrity of your design, and will implement it as faithfully as possible as a Drupal theme. As part of this process, we can work with you to find the best way to implement your designs using Drupal's theming system, content types, taxonomy, views, and contributed modules.

We can also combine this with our outstanding design skills to fill in any gaps your designers don't have time for–login forms, user profile pages, comment forms, and more. We will interpret your design scheme and apply it to anything Drupal or its contributed modules spits out. Forum theming is one of our specialties.

Basic theming service

We provide two levels of theming and site building services. The basic theme and site build includes all of the essentials for an attractive and functional Drupal site:

  • Basic theme structure (.info file, page template, etc.)
  • High quality, progressively enhanced, well commented CSS
  • Simple print stylesheet if needed
  • Cross-browser testing for all modern browsers (currently including IE 7 and higher but not IE 6)
  • Any JavaScript and template overrides needed to implement your design
  • Implementation of content types, views, and other modules (e.g. Context, Panels, Views Slideshow) required to implement your design
  • Documentation – README file including a list of all modules used and why, as well as details on any site configuration details that might not be obvious.

Prices vary depending on the complexity of your design and functional requirements, starting at €1800 (roughly $2500 US) for a simple site (includes basic theme, implementation for 2-3 content types with comments, customized home page, contact form, user login page, search results, etc.). Contact us for a more detailed estimate.

Ehnahced theming service

Our enhanced theming and site-building service goes beyond the basics to take your site to the next level. An enhanced theme and suite build adds to the basic service with one or more of the following:

  • Responsive design – make your site work better on mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, and other tablets and phones. With this service, themes are enhanced with media queries and a flexible grids to make your design react to different screen sizes.
  • Accessibility – adds more complete tests for accessibility (e.g. ensure the site works well for screen readers, keyboard navigation, large font sizes etc.)

Again, prices vary depending on the complexity of your designs. Enhanced services typically add about 15% to the overall cost. Interested? Contact us for details.

Examples from our portfolio

Other services

The folks at InterMedia can help you out with other website problems too. Our combined 25 years of experience in web development has provided us with expertise in everything from web strategy to server administration. We love web design and development with Drupal, but we can also work with other platforms or plain old HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Is your website missing that certain something? Tell us about it, and we'll use right techniques to bring it up to speed.